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with Billy Miya

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THE AUTO CLUB is a show for automotive enthusiasts, DIY (do it yourself) and regular car owners. The main aim of the show is to focus on a particular car for each episode teach viewers about the car: its specs, origin etc, and have a segment where the audiences learn a car tip and the latest automotive news. The host of the show is Billy Miya and he is easy to work with, understands cars and is always on time for shoots.

Treatment: The show takes a 13×24 format. It is divided into three segments;

The first segment of the show focuses on a particular modern car, the host compares it to the first model ever made, the audience gets to see the interior and workings of the car through the eyes of the host

The second segment of the show the host teams up with a mechanic and show the audience how to fix a common car problem at home, while educating them on the cost and labour required and whether it would be easier to just take the car to a mechanic for repair. The audience also gets to learn commonly used terms in automotive.

The third and final segment tells the audience the latest news in the automotive industry.

In between the shows the Dj of the day does links to welcome people to the show, take the show on a break and close the show.

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