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Body Garage is a health show that airs on tv 47 every Thursday at 8pm. The show is hosted by Dr. Andronick Chebsy and aims to cater for the mind, body and soul.

The content includes health experts' advice, patient experiences and case studies covering prevalent medical conditions and lifestyle diseases affecting Kenyans.

Dr. Chebsy is a board certified medical doctor with just over 2 years direct patient care experience, community and corporate health educator, with a passion to encourage the public on all approaches to health including preventing, curative and rehabilitative.

Taking care of ones health should be part of ones dreams.’ (Dr. Chebsy)

Treatment: The host doctor Chebsy begins by giving us statistics of the topic being discussed.

He then sits down with a doctor/specialist to discuss the condition at hand where they give solutions. The solutions include mental, physical and spiritual.

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