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Dr. Ofweneke is a seasoned International Stand up Comedian with a 14 years run, a TV host, events host. He is known for bold humor and a lover of music. A husband and father to 3.

Zainab Mohammed has won a number of local, continental and international awards, including Merck Foundation More than a Mother 2021 media recognition awards, Mask up with care Merck Foundation media recognition awards 2021, Annual Journalism Excellence awards 2022 2nd runners up Mental health category and most recently UN Women Gender Awards 2022.

Wambugu Yusuf is a professional Journalist, Teacher and Accountant, having worked in all the three career areas. He is a Swahili enthusiast and an author of Swahili books in both academic and fiction fields. Among the books he has written includes Jeraha la Anasa, Kilio Kikavu, Kigezo cha Ushairi and Kigezo cha Sarufi na Insha. Currently he is the Head of Swahili Desk at Cape Media Ltd. He produces and hosts education tailored shows on TV (Tasnia ya Elimu and Ulingo wa Mwandishi) and segments on Radio47 (Falsafa ya Mwalimu Yusuf and Kamusi Mtaani). He is committed to ensuring proper use and development of Swahili.

Dj Lisney is one of Kenya’s top female deejay who has worked in various high end branded clubs and concerts in Kenya. She co-hosts the Tonight show alongside the Witty Dr Ofweneke.

Meet the one and only Sheriff Joe Krushial, a guy with a big love for Country Ride and an even bigger sense of humor. He’s like the life of a party, but not just any party – the kind with boots stompin’ and hats tippin’ to country beats. Sheriff Joe isn’t just any ol’ host […]

Meet VDeejay Hobbz, Africa's premier mix master and the reigning champion of rhythmic fusion. With an uncanny ability to seamlessly blend beats, he transforms every event into an electrifying dance extravaganza. Renowned as the epitome of gospel groove, VDeejay Hobbz has carved his niche as the maestro of Sifa Sunday Plus, infusing divine rhythms that uplift souls. His turntable magic transcends language barriers, uniting hearts through the universal language of music. Embodying the soul of Africa's vibrant music scene, VDeejay Hobbz stands tall as the continent's finest, a harmonious conductor of joy and celebration.

Step into the enchanting world of music with a virtuoso whose journey through the rhythmic realms began in the mystical year of 2010. Prepare to be mesmerized as we unveil the captivating saga of a maestro who has orchestrated a symphony of success and captivated hearts across the globe. DJ Rom-Ace isn't just a musician; he's a constellation of creativity. His passion for crafting music extends beyond the studio, as he collaborates with fellow artists, pushing the boundaries of musical innovation. With each new composition, Rom-Ace weaves a rich tapestry of sound, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of country music.

Bancey Kimuyu is a young, enthusiastic tv presenter and events host who is focused on entertaining and educating her audience at the same time. she boosts in a variety of hosting various events such as awarding events, hype events among others.

Violet Njoki, a communication graduate with experience in the media world. She is a TV producer and host who thrives in bringing content to life. She is bubbly with a vibrant personality who loves engaging with different person in the different walks of life. With a liking to reading novels and traveling, she gets to build her personality to form an easy blend with society. She hosts The Grind show which brings on board different business persons and entrepreneurs like Eugene Mbugua and Sun Africa Studios who give sauce to the life of business.

Dr. Andronick Chebsy is a board certified medical doctor with just over 2 years direct patient care experience, community and corporate health educator, with a passion to encourage the public on all approaches to health including preventing, curative and rehabilitative.

Tony Mwirigi is an award winning TV presenter, MC and hype-man well versed in the entertainment industry, he appeals to the youths aged between 13 – 35 years with him being able to host different event such as kids event, high schools event-as well as university gigs.

Having worked with some of the industry’s finest, Mariah Kinyanjui prides herself on having a natural talent for reaching out to all types of audiences, offering a fresh and dynamic approach to the world of entertainment. With a rich blend of experience in television and radio, she has earned a reputation amongst management, peers, viewers and listeners as someone who brings new dynamics into broadcasts and remains in-tune with public needs and wants.

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