Tamara Queencee

Tamara Queencee shows

Tamara Queencee is a 9 year old talented girl who also sings and has won several awards such as The African Kids’ Awards, The Jamuhuri Awards and also Best Female 2020 Talent to Watch. She has been hosting the show since January 2023 and has brought more vibrancy to the show.

Her bubbly personality and ability to interact with different people proves that she is the right fit for the show. Tamara’s hobbies include dancing, fashion and design, skating, singing. She aspires to be a singer and dancer when she grows up.

Her social media handle is @tamara_queencee across all social media platforms.

She hosts Kids On The Block, a kids show whose main aim is to educate and entertain kids when they are at home for the weekend.

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