Tanzanian woman who allegedly died in 2003 found alive in 2024 “Ni kweli nilikufa”

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It is unthinkable that a person might die today and twenty years later the person in seen around, healthy and in perfect shape.

A Tanzania woman who allegedly died in the year 2003 has been found to be alive and kicking in Bangwe ward in Kigoma region in Tanzania.

It is alleged that Amina Rashidi had died after a boat they had been traveling in, capsized back in 2003.

Her burial took place after which the family moved on having lost their mother and sister.

In 2022, news broke that their long gone kin who had died more than twenty years ago is still alive.

This is after one person was able to recognize her while in her daily activities in Mwanza region.

However, it took the family almost two years to be sure that she was really one of them.

The family as per their custom, hold an event celebrating the return of their loved one.

File image of village women from Kigoma area in Tanzania during a feast of the woman who allegedly died in 2003: Photo./[Screengrab]

For them, they take it as a miracle from their believer who they say He has remembered them by the return of their Kin.

However, she does not remember clearly the events that unfolded on that day.

What Amina says about her “death” in 2003

According to Amina, she did not die but rather traveled to an unknown place contradicting the family story of her burial.

“Tulisafiri kwa njia ya basi tukiwa watatu, wanawake wawili na mwanamume mmoja,” she said.

In translation, they traveled three of them by bus, one being a gentleman and two ladies.

“After we arrived to that place, I got married to another man, got pregnant but my child was taken away from me,” added Amina.

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Bi Amina Rashidi who allegedly died in 2003 and is currently alive in 2024: Photo./[Screengrab]

Amina had allegedly died leaving three children behind and gave birth to two in Mwanza.

His first son Abubakar expressed his joy on seeing his mother alive since 2003.

However some neighbors have a different thing to say about the event as they claim that there must have been some superstitious beliefs that made Amina disappear for years.

Written and published by Brenda Kigen.

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