Police Officer arrested for luring form one girl with a soda and defiling her

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A Police officer in Kirinyaga County has been arrested for allegedly defiling a form one student.

The officer stationed at Nguka Police Post in Mwea West, narrowly escaped death when residents attacked him after the girl was discovered in his house within the police compound.

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The situation escalated as villagers gathered, intending to set fire to the suspect’s house.

Officers in Nguka called for assistance from Kiamaciri police station to stabilize the situation and prevent arson.

According to the teenager’s mother, the officer had been sexually assaulting her daughter, and a trap was set which led to his apprehension on Sunday.

“The DCI intervened to rescue him from the angry villagers, but it was surprising for me to witness the very officer assigned to safeguard my daughter escorting her away in the village,” expressed the mother.

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The girl’s father stated that the officer had lured his daughter into his house under the pretext of offering her a soda before committing the act.

The girl is currently receiving treatment in Sagana sub-county Hospital, while the police officer is detained at Kiamaciri police station.

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Minor defiled by a police officer in Rangwe cells

This is not the first time officers are being charged for defilement.

In November 2023, a police officer from Homa Bay County was arrested for defiling a 17-year-old girl detained at Rangwe cells.

John Mwangi assaulted the victim while on duty when the lights were out.

The police report stated that Mwangi grabbed the victim’s neck and forcibly removed her clothes and defiled her.

On 6th February, 2024, Constable Jared Okada who was on the run, was arrested for defiling a minor in Kaptumo police post.

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