Missing Police dog found at a private home in Meru

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Tigania Police Station missing canine officer a seven year old female Belgian Milionis dog named jet has been found days after she went missing from the police station.

The dog was found stranded along the Meru-Mau highway by a Meru resident who picked it up and board a matatu with it to his home.

The good Samaritan indicated that he read of the news of a missing police dog and subsequently reported at Karama Police post that he had found the dog and had her at his home.

A police dog nicknamed Jet was recovered in Tigania after going missing[photo: The star]

Police went with the individual to his home where they found Jet tied inside a makeshift Kennel later the handler took the canine officer to the station where a Veterinary doctor did medical tests on Jet.

The female brown and tan canine, nicknamed Jet aged seven years was discovered missing about midday by its handler who went to its kennel for a routine feeding.

Subsequently, the handler reported the matter to the station OCS

Officials at the station said the loss was huge to the service and all resources had been mobilised to look for the animal.

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