Eric Omondi vows to expose corrupt Governors on Billboards

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Kenyan comedian and Digital creator Eric Omondi reveals that what prompted him to start helping the needy in Kenya  is because of his big influence on the social media platforms.

He says that his acts of charity is a way of thanking his fans for the support they have shown him over the years and not because is eyeing a political seat.

Through his social media platforms like Instagram, Eric receives pleas of help from needy Kenyans then afterwards starts a contribution plan on how they can be helped.

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He reveals that most of the money used to help pay their rents, hospital bills and other needs comes from his supporters (followers) and not him .

To avoid scammers posing as the needy, he makes a follow up to make sure that the money goes to the right people.

Upon being asked about his goals on his ‘SISI KWA SISI’ project, Eric reveals’ that he has no plans in expanding it and it will remain as it is.

He mentioned that he is doing this to uplift the lives of Kenyans who are suffering.

In a video that was doing rounds on social media, a young boy was seen struggling crossing a broken bridge to get to school.

He narrates how sad it was to see that and decided to help build a bridge.

He revealed that the bridge is almost done and costed them Ksh1.8 million.

They will officially open the bridge on Sunday 11 2024.

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He further said that the Kenyan and goverment is corrupt and dissapointed Kenyans in numerous ways.

“Personally I believe that the current goverment does not  prioritise the needs of Kenyans because they are too focused on their own political gain.” Eric Omondi says.

He went on to state that Ruto’s government will be eradicated by Kenyans because the power is the people and not the government.”

“Na sisi tuna nguvu vijana, tuna mpango wa kuanzia mwaka huu August mpaka 2027 kuhakikisha wabunge wengine hawachukui kiti tena.” Eric tells TV47.

He reveals that they will use their own means financially to pay for billboards and compose songs to make sure that the same mistake is not repeated in 2027.

“Personally I believe that the current government does not  priorities the needs of Kenyans because they are too focused on their own political gain.” Eric Omondi says.

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