Monica Kimani’s family speaks after court moves ruling date in the murder case

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Judgement in businesswoman Monica Kimani’s murder case has been slated for tomorrow (Friday) instead of the earlier set date March 15, 2024.

The update was shared after both parties consented to the pushing of judgement dates.

Monica Kimani’s family hopes to get closure after years of agony along the corridors of justice.

Speaking to Citizen, Kimani’s brother George Kimani expressed frustration over delayed judgement, and hopes to get peace after the verdict.

“It has really taken long, we have been going to court for over five years, we knew the matter would come to an end last year so that we can all move on. We have tough days, especially our parents but we just cope,” he was quoted as saying.

He intimated that their mother has been the most affected by the case and the long-awaited ruling might ease the pain on her.

“Justice is the only thing that we want, it will bring closure to the family. The past years have not been easy on us, especially our mother she is the most affected.

“We try and protect her from the noise and hurtful things said about my sister but I believe all this will come to an end once we get justice,” Monica’s brother explained.

The judgement was initially set for October 6, 2023 but pushed to a later date after Justice Grace Nzioka allegedly fell ill.

A new date- December 15, 2023- was set but the ruling was once again postponed to January 26, 2024.

Justice eluded Monica Kimani’s family yet again after one of the accused persons, media personality Jacque Maribe, failed to appear in court.

She reportedly fell ill and hence unable to make an appearance. Her co-accused, Jowie Irungu, made it to court that day.

Monica Kimani was the firstborn child who left an indelible mark in her family’s life, George Kimani said.

“She was our firstborn and the driver behind the family business in South Sudan where she was the managing director of our company. She was my boss, a good friend and hardworking. It was painful losing her in that cruel manner,” he recalled.

According to him however, Monica’s undoing was her generosity and kindness where she could not differentiate enemies from friends.

Monica Kimani was murdered in cold on September 19, 2018 at her apartment in Kilimani, Nairobi.

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