DJ Mo recalls Size 8 moving out secretly with the kids for nearly a month

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Kenyan power couple Size 8 (real name Linet Munyali) and DJ Mo (Samuel Muraya) have unveiled that their marriage once hit a dead end.

The two, who have been married for 11 years, admitted that numerous fights in their decade long marriage almost led to a divorce.

Size 8, who is a gospel singer and preacher, revealed that she once moved out of their home due to the numerous fights.

“There was a time when I moved out of our home and went to live in Runda. I had to show him that I can also make it as a woman… power to the men,” the mother of two said laughing.

Dr Ofweneke questioned why she did not move back to her parents’ home or siblings, to which Size 8 replied saying she had the finances to live by herself.

“I stayed away for 21 days and I went with the kids,” she added.

On his part, DJ Mo disclosed that it took him hours to find out that his wife and children had move out of the house.

“Walichomoka kama siko (They sneaked out while I was not around).

“I was so confused, you know how much I love my kids and family. I waited till 10pm, no one is coming home. 11pm, 12 midnight and that’s when I realized something was wrong,” he narrated.

The first person he contacted was Size 8’s sisters who remained mum on her whereabouts leaving him frustrated.

The gospel artist on the other hand maintained the move was to ‘punish’ him for his wrongdoings.

“Nilikua nataka aifeel. Unajua mimi ni wrong number. (I wanted to make him feel it. I am a wrong number).”

The couple, who on numerous occasions share secrets to their long-term relationship, clarified on the ‘pray before sex’ aspect.

In a previous interview, Size 8 revealed that she and her husband pray before getting intimate. That despite Size 8 being a gospel minister, at home her husband was the one who prayed for her and the family.

However, the mother of two criticized social media users who blew the matter out of proportion, maintaining that prayer before sex was not prolonged or very intimate.

“I said that and people blew it out of proportion. I did not mean those prayers where you speak in tongues. I meant just pray in your heart,” the mother of two added.

The power couple has a new reality show dubbed “Love In The Wild” starting this weekend on TV47.

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