Kirinyaga residents burn down liquor store for selling illicit brew

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Angry Kirinyaga residents have burn down a-liquor store that is linked to the death of 6 people, who died after consuming illicit brew.

The incident occurred in the evening on February 6, 2024 as the liquor store situated in Kangai, Kirinyaga county was reduced to ashes.

According to Kirinyaga MP George Kariuki, the illicit liquor caused the death of 6 people and left others blind.

He said that based on the symptoms displayed by the victims, it is likely that the illicit liquor contained ethanol.

The victims are currently in hospital receiving treatment.

Six people die and others lost eyesight after consuming illicit brew photo: citizen digital

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According to a female resident in the area, out of the six people who perished in the incident, 3 were mothers of the same family.

The residents blamed police officers for not taking action against sellers of the illicit brew.

They accused police and the area chief of taking bribe from sellers of the illicit brew instead of arresting them.

At the same time, the residents lamented that the sale of illegal alcohol is on the rise in the area.

Four suspects have been arrested in relation to the incident and are set to be arraigned in court

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The residents are now calling on the government to intervene by transferring police officers and the chief from the area.

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