Men in Kimbo blame poor performance in bed on bad roads

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Brian Kinyanjui
Brian Kinyanjui
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The residents of Kimbo in Ruiru have come out blaming bad roads for their poor performance in the bedroom.

The residents were up in arms to demonstrate the poor roads in their area.

The demonstrators highlighted that due to the poor roads in the area, they end up spending more time on the dilapidated roads.

Furthermore, they went on to share their frustration on the tiring journeys they have to wage daily since they have no alternative but to use the roads.

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Bad roads and poor sexual performance

Due to the poor roads, the residents highlighted that they are always tired and have no energy for family time at home.

Additionally, they went on to state that due to the poor roads, they hardly even enjoy supper with the family owing to being too tired.

One of the residents shared that they can hardly have a meal while awake at the dinner table with his wife and children.

Additionally, he shared that his wife has to wake him up after he falls asleep on his food in the evening.

Unakuanga umechoka, ukikula chakula unakula unagongagongwa uamuke uendelee kukula, na hakuna kitu ingine hii mashimo ndio inafanya.”

(We are always so tired when we get home and when we are having supper we fall asleep only to be nudged to wake up to continue having supper. The reason for that is the bad roads here and nothing else).

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One resident went on to share that due to being tired and drained from using bad roads, they cannot fully participate in conjugal rights.

Another resident shared that their wives run away when they get home since they know they will not “perform.”

The bumpy rides along the potholed roads were also attributed to being a factor in their poor performance in the bedroom.

Moreover, they shared that using vehicles along the roads was disastrous because of the many potholes that “Shock” the passengers.

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