Jackie Matubia: Sometimes I feel like am failing as a mother because of my crazy schedule

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Actress and content creator Jackie Matubia is proud of her first born Zari Wanjiku who is excelling in school.

The single mother of two shared a sneak peek into her Friday where she attended a Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) at Zari’s school.

She showcased her daughter’s elegant school saying it was a very conducive learning environment.

“Yaani hawa watoto wako shule iko poa ata masomo inaingia. Unlike us shule iko katikati ya market unashangaa if you going to listen to the teacher ama mtu wa maremare.

(These kids are in such a good school that even they can learn properly, unlike us whose school was in the middle of the market you wonder whether you’ll listen to the teacher or hawkers),” Jackie Matubia joked.

She went on to share a list of the classes her daughter takes and teachers she had to meet to discuss Zari’s performance.

After spending three hours, Jackie Matubia was thrilled to discover that her first born was excelling academically and socially.

“At the end of the day I was so happy and proud of my little girl. Kazi ni high grades and how loving and disciplined my daughter is… yaani my heart is full.

“Sometimes I feel like am failing as a mother coz of my crazy schedule etc but am glad the dad and I are doing a good job despite the crazy schedules we have,” the mother of two added.

In an Instagram post shared a few weeks ago, Jackie Matubia showcased Zari donning a pilot’s uniform all set for her school’s career day.

Apparently, she wants to take after her father Kennedy Njogu to become a pilot when she grows up.

“Say hi to Captain Kamau. It’s career Day and you all know what Zari wants to be when she grows up. And I made sure she dressed well for the day.

“Yaani this child of mine can tell you what aircraft it is ikiwa hewani. Yaani m so emotional. God bless and keep her and fulfill her heart desires. God bless the work of our hands ( the dad and I), so we can be able to make her dreams come true,” Jackie Matubia wrote, adding crying emojis.

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