“In our 35 years of marriage my wife allowed me to manage her salary”- Amos Kimunya

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Former Kipipiri Member of Parliament Amos Kimunya disclosed on Friday, February 2, that his late wife Lucy Wanjiru never had a personal bank account.

The late Wanjiru, whose burial service was held at Consolata Shrine in Westlands Nairobi, was married to Kimunya for 35 years.

While eulogizing her, the retired civil servant revealed that they met in college in 1983 while pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce (B-com) course.

They dated for years and later had their wedding on October 29, 1988.

Despite being a career woman with her own income, Kimunya said his wife preferred they operate a joint account instead of having two separate personal accounts.

“In our entire married life, Lucy never operated a personal bank account. She preferred a joint account where all her income was deposited and she trusted me with all the financial decisions. All she asked for was shopping money and an M-pesa top-up,” he explained.

In spite of being in a position to shower her with lavish material things, Lucy Wanjiru maintained a simple life, although her love for handbags was evident.

“She was never moved by material things those who know her know her simplicity. Lucy, however, loved handbags and when we travelled we’d agree that it was a shopping holiday but she would always get more handbags,” Kimunya added.

He recalled one particular trip in 1991 where they had to reschedule their travel plans after one of the shops where his wife wanted to shop for handbags was closed.

“One time during a trip abroad in 1991, we entered a shop in Rome, Italy, and during the shopping experience, the shopkeeper said they had more variety at another store in Milan. the shopkeeper insisted we go to Milan, but she did not like the products there, so she suggested we return to Rome.

“We found the shop closed and had to reschedule our travel plans so that we could spend a night in Rome, wait for the shop to open, buy her preferred bags, and proceed to the next destination,” the father of two narrated.

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