Jackie Matubia: I am a proud single mum of two failed marriages

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Winning Actress Jackie Matubia shares on an interview that even though she had two failed marriages, she is a proud single mother of two.

She went on to say that society today tends to look down on single mothers but she won’t let that bring her down.

“I will not let the society look down on me, No! I am so proud of who I am and I want to teach my girls that it’s fine. If it doesn’t work, it’s not the end.” Jackie said.

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Jackie mentioned that her failed marriages did not discourage her on marriage but rather brought a new light as she now knows that no woman should settle for less.

Jackie Matubia with ex husband Blessing Lung'Aho. PHOTO: Instagram
Jackie Matubia with ex husband Blessing Lung’Aho. PHOTO: Instagram

This is days after her ex husband Blessing Lung’Aho posted his new girlfriend on social media.

The two separated after being married for less than two years. Together they had a baby girl who is one year old now.

“Right now I’m focused on raising my babies and building an empire for them” The mother of two said.

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She has advised young girls and women who are raising children independently to embrace who they are and not let the term ‘single mum’ define them.

“Let’s embrace who we are and don’t rush because you are afraid age is catching up with you.” Jackie advised.

Jackie also added that marriage is a beautiful thing and she still believe it works.

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