I hated you when I first saw you, Andrew Kibe tells Babu Owino

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Content creator Andrew Kibe expressed that he loathed Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino when he first saw him.

In a sit down interview on Andrew Kibe’s channel on Rumble, he explained the reason why he detested him.

“The very first time I saw you, I was very annoyed you pissed me off. I was watching you on TV and you were the SONU chairman at the time and you brought us all these new words,” said the controversial content creator.

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“I hated you because you were so charismatic. When we were younger Kikuyus were taught to hate Luos. We were told there is nothing good a Luo can do.”

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino giving his speech after receiving an honorary doctorate degree in Political Leadership from Weldios University in Benin Republic in 2023. PHOTO/COURTESY

“So then we see these Luos and they are charismatic and then there is Babu Owino. This guy is just a problem that doesn’t seem to be going away,” added Kibe.

He went ahead and thanked Babu for honouring his invitation divulging that doing the interview was a dream come true for him (Kibe).

My mother sold chang’aa

Babu Owino further revealed details of what life was for him growing up. He was raised by a single mother who sold chang’aa.

Upon Kibe enquiring on why he chased academic accolades, Babu said he vowed that he “would study a degree for everyone in my family including my extended family.’

Babu has a degree in Acturial Science and Law, a masters in Acturial Science, Law and he is currently pursuing one in Economics.

Babu Owino on TV47

TV47’s Liz Mutuku had a sit down with the flamboyant and outspoken legislator, on Mfahamu Kiongozi wako show, in a bid to understand his journey to becoming a nationally recognised politician.

“My mother resolved to sell an illicit brew called ‘chang’aa’ after my father passed away,” he interestingly revealed during the interview.

Paul Ongili, his official name, has not always been financially privileged. He grew up in Nyalenda slums in Kisumu.

“Life was unbearable,” he said in hindsight. Babu lost his father when he was in standard three. Being the last born in a family of three, he was forced to grow up faster than his peers.

He helped his mother sell ‘chang’aa’, getting proceeds that took him through school.

I don’t agree with Gachagua

“When I see Gachagua, the Deputy President, talking about illicit brew I feel for the people who sell it. I am not in support of ending the production of chang’aa, I think it should just be regulated.”

Babu asserted his stance on the crackdown on illicit brew by the government.

“I can never fight chang’aa because it is what made me who I am.”

The legislator reflected on the many times he got arrested because of selling chang’aa since he was a primary school pupil.

Getting arrested and witnessing police beat up my mum

“I used to be arrested even when in primary school. There is a police who used to arrest me a lot and I even saw him beating my mum,” said Babu.

“He is now retired and he recently called me asking for a bursary for his child, I will give him the bursary,” he added.

He recalled a time when he was arrested a night before doing his Biology practical exams.

“The police wanted KSh 500 but I did not have that money. I tried to beg them to let me out but they would not. I started banging the police cell and that is when the OCS, a very nice guy, heard me.”

“Upon asking why I was being aggressive, I informed him that I was due for an exam. He ordered that I be dropped in school and I was. I did my exam in home clothes.”

Future plans

The two-term MP harbours ambitions to run for the office of Nairobi governor and later President.

He was however not clear on when he intended to vie for the gubernatorial seat.

“I have always been a leader all through my life. I was a student leader all through high school, form one to form four.”

“Then I did A levels, the British system, I became a student leader for two terms, then I joined the University of Nairobi and became a student leader for four terms.”

“I am now a two-term MP, then I’ll be a governor then President,” he added.


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