Larry Madowo urged to wed Edith Kimani after sharing cosy photo

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CNN International journalist Larry Madowo has often left people curious about his relationship with German-based Kenyan journalist Edith Kimani.

Recently, they were seen enjoying quality time together and shared a photo capturing a special moment.

Madowo posted the picture on his Facebook page with a mysterious message, prompting speculation about their relationship status.

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Some suggested he should propose, while others questioned how long they’ve been together given their obvious affection.

In Madowo’s latest post, he shared a picture of himself lounging on a Hammock swing chair with Edith beside him.

She rested her elbows on his knees, creating an intimate scene. Madowo sported a navy blue t-shirt, a red cap, and white trousers, while Edith wore denim jeans and a black sleeveless top.

The background featured white chairs and a basket, suggesting they were either on a picnic or hanging out with friends.

Captioning the photo on Facebook, Madowo wrote, “If it’s not like this, I don’t want it.”

Is it even real if she doesn’t look at you like this?” This caption sparked further speculation about the nature of their relationship among followers.

The picture and caption seem to hint at a close bond between Madowo and Edith, fueling rumours about their romance.

Their relaxed demeanour and affectionate pose suggest a strong connection between them. Followers eagerly await confirmation of their relationship, as the pair continues to captivate attention with their interactions on social media.

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