Tanzanian rapper Nay wa Mitego claims Kenyans ladies are too money minded

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Tanzanian rapper Nay wa Mitego made bold statements. He claimed that Kenyan ladies prioritize money over love.

He suggested that on the second date, they’re already asking for cash to cover things like cooking gas or other bills.

Additionally, he observed that these women, while highly educated, prioritize using their physical attributes for income over their intelligence.

Nay wa Mitego is a Tanzanian rapper

Nay wa Mitego’s comments highlighted his perception of Kenyan women’s priorities.

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According to him, financial matters seem to dominate their interactions.

Further requests for money surfaced early in relationships.

The observation suggested a certain level of materialism among the Kenyan women he has encountered.

Moreover, Nay wa Mitego pointed out the paradox of Kenyan women.

Despite being well-educated, they seemingly relied on their physical appearance for financial gain.

His statements raised questions about the intersection of financial independence, education, and gender dynamics within Kenyan society.

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