Omtatah to Ruto: Stop attacking judiciary or we’ll impeach you!

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Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah has threatened to build an impeachment motion against President William Ruto for constantly attacking the judiciary.

Speaking to the media on Friday, January 26, Senator Omtatah vowed to take him to court if he failed to retract his statement.

“I’m trying to get the police to record my statement. The case has been transferred from Nairobi to Kisii and I will be heading there on January 31, 2024, to deal with it,” he explained.

Omtatah argued that fight for the independence of the judiciary was for the benefit of the people of Kenya.

“To me, it’s a serious allegation because the independence of the Judiciary is not for his benefit but for that of the people. It’s the people who benefit when the judge is not biased.

“So this is something close to my heart and I would be asking that the President withdraws his statement or I’ll build a file for him to leave office and deal with him,” he added.

He praised the courts for halting deductions towards the housing levy as well as police deployment to Haiti on a peace-keeping mission.

Omtatah was at loggerheads with the Head of State a few weeks ago following accusations that his petitions were sponsored by cartels aiming to sabotage government projects.

The first time senator petitioned against the Affordable Housing Bill, 2023 which falls under the Finance Act, 2023.

Omtatah, whose petition led to suspension of the Housing Levy in November 2023, dismissed claims that he bribed High Court judges to make the ruling.

“The President has alleged without basis that the judges who have or are presiding over cases challenging the Affordable Housing Levy, and the Social Insurance Fund, were bribed by the litigants, including myself, to give orders against his two pet projects.

“I take this opportunity to state categorically that I have not bribed any judge, neither am I contemplating doing so. I don’t even know how judges are bribed and I am not so morally depraved that I can do so,” he added.

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