‘Mali Safi Chito’ hitmaker earns KSh100k in royalties from MCSK

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Millicent Jepkorir also known as Marakwet Daughter was among those who earned the highest amount of royalties released by Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK).

The event was held on Thursday, January 25, where MCSK was to distribute KSh20 million in royalties to Kenyan artists.

Marakwet Daughter, artist behind the hit ‘Mali Safi Chito’ received over KSh100,000, a figure she did not expect.

MCSK Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ezekiel Mutua lauded Marakwet Daughter for her inspiring journey in the music industry.

“Yaani this amazing lady was once paid Ksh67 as royalties. Then she came to the event yesterday expecting 5-10k only to get a cheque of 100k? She’s absolutely incredible. . .MALI SAFI CHITO!!” he said.

Rapper Sylvia Ssaru also made to the list of top earners after receiving over KSh100,000.

Mutua heaped praises on the young rapper and even offered to mentor her, marking an end to their long-standing beef.

“Sylvia Saru of “Kaskie Vibaya” hit is the next big thing in the music industry. I have taken her up as my mentee. Wait and see her blossom. What an incredible talent!” he wrote.

It is this same song however that Mutua criticised Ssaru for in June last year, blaming her promoting immorality.

“People are going through a lot. Have you heard the song about the lady singing ‘Niko na pesa na ni ya babako’? What are you telling my daughter?” he questioned.

At the time, Ezekiel Mutua said Ssaru’s choice of songs would never land her corporate deals which are a great source of income for Kenyan artists.

In response, the young rapper told the MCSK CEO to listen to her other songs which were inspirational.

“If Ezekiel Mutua listened to my other songs, like my recent hit with a Rhumba taste, he would judge it differently.

“I cannot stop creating songs just because one person didn’t like the lyrics or the song. He should, in fact, check out my YouTube channel,” Ssaru said in an interview.

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