Frankie Just GymIt: I don’t know how it feels to be broke

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Kenyan personal trainer Frankie Just Gymit says he has never been financially broke his whole life and he doesn’t know how that feels.

In an Interview with Barrack Bukusi, host of the Financially Incorrect podcast, Frankie mentioned that he comes from a well-off family and thus has never struggled with finances.

 “I’ve never struggled with finances, I mean I’m from a well-off family, never been broke in my life like I don’t know how that feels,” Frankie said in an interview with Barrack Bukusi on his Financially Incorrect podcast.

Frankie Just GymIt: I don’t know how it feels to be broke
Kenyan fitness influencer Frankie Gymit. [Photo/Instagram].

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Upon being asked what he meant by that, he said that although he didn’t always get what he wanted as a kid, he has never had to worry about lacking the usual essential needs.

“In Uni I was quite comfortable, the normal things that would bother a person were not a problem to me. I had it smooth,” said the fitness trainer.

This came about when he was asked about his holiday plans and if he had already gotten his kids Christmas presents.

Frankie Just GymIt: I don’t know how it feels to be broke
Frankie Just Gymit. [Photo/Instagram].

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Frankie mentioned that even though he isn’t so big with the Christmas traditions he does it for his kids.

He also revealed that it is through his job as a personal trainer that he met his baby mama Corazon Kwamboka.

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In the interview, Frankie revealed that when he started off his career, he used to charge his clients 15 thousand per month.

He started getting noticed on social media when he started posting his clients’ body transformations.

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