CS Namwamba tells Kenyan athletes to stop struggling with English instead speak in Kalenjin

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The sports cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba has expressed his frustration every time he sees Africans trying to make fellow Africans feel less intelligent for their inability to properly speak their colonial masters languages.

CS Ababu Namwamba was speaking during the Africa Youth connekt summit going in Nairobi at the KICC, where he said Russians and other European nations proudly speak in their native languages hence they are far ahead of Africans because that has helped in embracing unity.

Nambwamba said that its heart breaking that Africans divide themselves into two between those who speak French and English which are neither indigenous African languages.

The Sports CS expressed his frustration every time he sees Kenyan athletes struggle to address European journalist in English yet they can comfortably speak in Kiswahili or native language like Kalenjin.

” “I saw a Kenyan Athlete just from breaking a marathon world record , some foreign journalist places a microphone on her and she struggles to speak in Swahili and I am like come on girl!!!Speak in Kalenjin let that journalist figure out what you have said.” He said.

“Russians always speak Russian whenever they are and very proud of it” He added.

He at the same time also called on Africans to embrace speaking in their native tongue during international events so that other people from Europe and America would be forced to look for translators just like Africans do in international events.

He encouraged Africans to shift their mind set and start embracing their own and putting value to their products.

“The 1.5 Billion of us have a problem and it is a mind problem, this thinking that the west is best the west is just west we keep consuming inferior products that are inferior to African products because of the colour of the skin.”

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