Maria Cataleya:Rosie stay home with your kids

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The Lebanese employer, prominently featured in the viral video alongside Kenyan nanny Rosie, has changed perspective.

Initially known for expressing a desire to have Rosie return to Lebanon, the employer has now made a significant shift, encouraging Rosie to stay in Kenya.

The employer, whose identity is revealed through the TikTok account @maria.cataleya.

Despite her initial wish for Rosie to come back to Lebanon, the employer changed her mind. Photo: Expedition Maasai Safaris/Facebook.

The mother of twin girls shared her mixed emotions and heartfelt sentiments about Rosie’s current situation.

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Maria Cataleya expressed a genuine desire for Rosie to enjoy her time with her children in Kenya.

“Of course, I hope she will come back. But I don’t think so. I don’t want her to come back.

I want her to enjoy her time with her kids and maybe stay with them,” the employer stated.

Speculating on the potential outcomes of the viral video, the employer expressed optimism that Rosie could find better opportunities outside Lebanon. Photo: Maria Cataleya?Tiktok

She revealed her preference for Rosie to extend her stay in Kenya, adding, “If I were her, I would stay in Kenya with my kids. I would never come back to Lebanon.”

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“I am pretty sure after this viral video, she will be able to get better opportunities than to come back to Lebanon,” the employer asserted, highlighting the positive impact the video might have on Rosie’s prospects.

Cataleya acknowledged Rosie’s connection with her children and saw the potential for a brighter future for Rosie beyond the confines of Lebanon.

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