Man discovers wife’s first child isn’t his after 8 years

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A man, identified as @katoyusuf966, found himself in a startling situation.

This was after a DNA test with his eldest daughter revealed she was not biologically his own.

The revelation prompted him to share his story on the X app, detailing the emotional journey he had been through.

In his account, @katoyusuf966 disclosed that he had entered into a relationship with his now ex-wife in 2016. Photo: Shutterstock.

The couple took a significant step in 2019 when she became pregnant, leading them to move in together.

He embraced both children as his own and never once thought of anything else.

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However, what tugged his spirit to do a DNA test was a sentiment shared by a relative.

The family members pointed out an uncanny resemblance between the man and his youngest daughter, prompting him to opt for a paternity test.

The results left him dumbfounded.

His eldest child was not biologically related to him. This revelation became the catalyst for a profound change in his life.

Taking to the X app to share his experience, @katoyusuf966 conveyed the emotional turmoil he endured.

“I got my girlfriend in 2016, and in 2019, she got pregnant, and I decided to start living with her; we now have 2 kids.

Netizens responded with advice and support. Photo: Shutterstock.

It’s yesterday, I got to know that her 1st pregnancy wasn’t mine after a DNA test.

I am now single after 8 years. That’s love,” he expressed, encapsulating the profound impact of the discovery on his relationship.

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Many urged him not to sever ties with his first child, emphasizing her innocence in the situation.

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