Bomet: Man heartbroken as bride cancels wedding hours to ceremony for her ex

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Nelly, the bride-to-be, reportedly had a change of heart, delivering a devastating blow to Amos, the groom.

Bomet County is currently abuzz with disbelief and sympathy following the abrupt cancellation of a highly anticipated wedding.

This was just a few hours before the scheduled ceremony.

The turn of events left the entire community in shock.

The couple, who had meticulously planned their wedding for December 9, 2023, found their dreams shattered on the eve of the ceremony.

A crucial member of the wedding team shared that Nelly reached out to the priest just a day before the ceremony was supposed to take place. The Standard.

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She expressed doubts about proceeding with the marriage, setting off a chain of unexpected events.

The news left everyone scrambling for answers.

“I woke up in the morning only to learn the wedding had been called off. Out of curiosity, I inquired why that was so,” revealed the key team member.

“I was told the bride said she was not ready to get married.”

Nelly had second thoughts
Sad bride walking away on her wedding day. Photo: Runaway concept.

The priest, after having a conversation with Nelly, took the initiative to engage both sets of parents in delicate discussions to navigate the unforeseen situation.

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Former flame still burning

After careful deliberation, an agreement was reached to indefinitely postpone the wedding.

Speculation immediately arose regarding the reasons behind Nelly’s sudden change of heart.

Sources close to Nelly suggested the possibility of a return of a past lover.

Turned out Nelly had a previous relationship lasting five years, in contrast to the six months she had been with Amos.

The wedding was cancelled until further notice, pending Amos’s decision on the future of their relationship.

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