Residents in Kakamega marveled at first escalator in town

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Kakamega residents were elated after Naivas Supermarket opened a new outlet at the newly constructed Catholic Mall.

Majority of the residents are heightened with the fact that the supermarket has an escalator.

In a video circulating online, Kakamega residents are seen taking turns riding the escalator while chanting and showing their excitement.

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This is a big deal to them since it’s the first to be seen in their town.

Kakamega residents shopping at the new Naivas outlet. PHOTO: X

The video has attracted a lot of comments online where most are amused with their reactions.

“Wacha nisionge ju yale nmeona jana ni mengi.” User Kakamega gallery commented on Instagram.

“Mnapeleka stairs ya stima Kakamega hadi MCA anaenda kupanda.” User Roy-Szn

“Hii Kakamega isikumwe huko Uganda bana what are this.” User Mwasaru.

“Waluhya hukua vienyeji hivi. On behalf of all Luhyas am sorry we don’t do this. It is just a small mistake.” User Jesisieabisheck.

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Naivas head of operations Peter Mukuha said that the branch marked the retailer’s entry into a completely new territory.

“We are super delighted that we are finally making an entry into Kakamega which has certainly been the most requested branch in the recent past. I am proud that we are finally able to fulfil this long-standing request by the great people of Kakamega,” said Mukuha.

The Supermarket will offer over 100 Kenyans with job opportunities with 40% of them being the locals.

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This is according the Supermarket’s Director and Head of Administration Mr. Charles Mbugua.

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