Woman regrets proposing to boyfriend after he took too long

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A young woman proposed to her boyfriend of two years on New Year’s Eve.

She anticipated a wedding this year, but she finds herself in a regrettable situation as the year comes to a close.

Her partner shows no sign of making any wedding plans.

Woman proposing.
The man, who initially said yes to the proposal, has never displayed any enthusiasm about the impending nuptials. Photo: Shutterstock.

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Further, keeping the engagement a secret from friends and family throughout the year.

Frustrated and seeking an outlet, the woman turned to Reddit to express her concerns.

She revealed that they had been living together for over two years, having met while working as a bartender and waiter.

Despite the man’s expressed desire to marry her a few months into their relationship, she took the initiative to propose due to his self-esteem issues.

However, her excitement was met with a lacklustre response from him.

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Though he verbally expresses eagerness to marry her, his actions tell a different story.

The woman noticed a lack of enthusiasm and celebration surrounding the engagement, prompting her to inquire why he hadn’t even organized a small party.

In response, the man nonchalantly suggested that she take charge of planning the celebration.

This discrepancy between words and actions leaves the woman feeling frustrated and confused about the future of their relationship.

The initial anticipation of a wedding within the year has given way to disappointment as the man’s lack of initiative and apparent disinterest in celebrating their engagement raises valid concerns about their shared commitment and the prospect of a future together.

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