Detectives arrest 5 notorious thieves from Mombasa who showed off stolen items on TikTok

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A team of police officers and Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) from Mombasa have arrested five thieves who showed off stolen items on TikTok.

In a statement shared by DCI, the five- Vincent Ochieng, Shadrack Ochieng, Felix Otieno, Salim Ali and Shafi Yusuf showed off stolen mobile phones, identification cars, car keys among other items.

They went live on the platform putting up the stolen items on sale.

Auctioning Items on TikTok

“Wacha ufala DM hii. Tuko biashara sisi…”

They went on to insult the victims, claiming some of the stolen items were of vey low value and would not bring them any money.

“Kujia hii koti yako ya 50 bob1” one of them shouted.

Notorious Mombasa thieves arrested

Less than a day later, the five suspects were arrested by a team of officers based at Central Police Station in Mombasa.

“Following an intelligence led operation, a team of officers based at Central Police Station in Mombasa has arrested five individuals suspected to be members of an organized criminal group that has been operating within Sargoi area and it’s neighborhoods,” the investigative agency added.

Upon searching the suspected robbers, the officers recovered a navy blue jacket that had been captured in the video recording.

Other items included; three iphones, a samsung phone, a memojo phone, a bluetooth headphone among other items were recovered from them.

The five are being held pending arraignment.

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