Wife discovers husband is marrying her former student as second wife

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Fatima Yusuf Nuhu’s husband decided to take a second wife after two decades of marriage.

The Nigerian businesswoman took to Facebook to share her reaction to the unexpected development.

Fatima admitted to learning about the forthcoming marriage just a week before the occasion.

Nevertheless, she openly commended her husband for his transparency.

Fatima added that as a mother witnessing the young lady get married to a responsible man like her husband must be a dream come true for the missus. Photo: Fatima Yusuf Nuhu/Facebook.

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Furthermore, she said understanding this as a mother also granted her inner peace.

Despite potential external criticism, she confidently shared her husband’s wedding invitation on social media platforms.

Given the considerable number of unmarried women today and the societal shifts experienced.

She found it fitting to open their home and her husband’s heart to another woman.

Through this message, she aimed to advocate and encourage women to support their husbands.

Especially those who choose to marry more than once.

She vowed to welcome the second wife to their family with open arms so that they could steer the family together.

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Fatima Yusuf Nuhu, had nothing but kind words for her husband as he married her former student as a second wife.

Social media went wild as ladies were shocked that Fatima was so understanding.

Some thought she was just putting on a brave face and was shackled by religion.

Men on the other hand praised her for looking out for the well-being of her husband before anything else.

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