Scammed! French man charged KSh800 for ugali at a ‘kibanda’ in Kibra

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A French content creator identified as Kino Yves recently exposed Kenyan traders for conning him at a local restaurant.

Yves, a renown YouTuber, took a tour around Kenya’s largest slum Kibra along Ngong Road, Nairobi in search of a ‘cheap’ meal.

The foreigner waked around filming himself as he waved at, smiled or made small talk with locals.

At one point, he stopped by a small ‘kibanda’ where a woman was preparing fried potatoes. The vendor sold the potatoes at KSh10 each, the normal price for the product.

Buying Fried potatoes

Yves pulled out a KSh50 note from his pocket and handed it to the vendor. “This is all I have,” he said, before taking one piece in his hand and leaving.

The YouTuber made several more stops meeting vendors selling sardines, water, meat and other food services. Most waved at him and some even bold enough to ask for money.

“Sorry I have no money on me,” Yves maintained.

He finally had a sit down at a small restaurant offering fish and ugali, one of Kenya’s loved delicacies.

Yves sat on a small stool outside as passerby stared at him surprised. He ordered for a plate of ugali, fish and pickles.

The French citizen shared the meal with a Luo lady, who helped serve meals at the restaurant. About half an hour later, Yves asked for his bill and the vendor, a tall dark male in a red apron told him he was to pay KSh1,000.

“That’s really the price you’re saying? You just told me the fish is KSh200. So the ugali is KSh800? So anyone who takes ugali pays KSh800? Are you really sure?”

To which the vendor maintained “Yes, of course”.

French man overcharged for ugali and fish

Yves, who has been in Kenya since October this year, laughed off before saying, “I’ll give you KSh500 because I think that’s already very much overpriced.”

Even after handing over a KSh500 note, the vendor begged for an additional KSh200 from Yves.

After much persuasion, the YouTuber offered him KSh200 “just because you were nice”. The vendor, smiling, told Yves to bring along his friends the next time he visited the place.

“You were nice but I’m not gonna say good things about you because you cheated me. You’re giving a bad image of the people here. That’s why It’s not nice.”

As Yves walked away, he expressed his disappointment with the vendor as he affirmed that the price of ugali at such places was KSh50.

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