Kenyan Nanny beats Mum as they compete who kids will hug first

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Rosie, the Kenyan nanny who captured the hearts of her employer’s children, is making waves on TikTok.

She delighted many with her heartwarming interactions.

Previously, she gained online fame after a video of her departing for a holiday prompted emotional reactions from the kids she cares for.

The little girls had to pick between the nurturing mother and the beloved nanny. Photo: @maria.cataleya/TikTok.

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In a recent viral video, Rosie, alongside the children’s mother, presented a choice to the twin girls.

They asked the little ones to decide whom they wanted to hug between Rosie and their mom.

The scene unfolded with a simple yet profound question: Who would the children choose to embrace?

As they embraced their nanny, their Mum couldn’t help but look at them. Photo: @maria.cataleya/TikTok.

Rosie and the Mom knelt at a distance, with their arms wide open.

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The little girls started running towards the two ladies, and when their Mom cooed they ignored and ran towards Rosie.

Their choice spoke volumes.

They opted to embrace Rosie, showcasing the deep bond she had cultivated with them.

Viewers across the internet showered Rosie with praise for her evident love and affection, which resonated in the twins’ responses.

Rosie’s story is a testament to the power of genuine care and connection with the little ones.

The viral videos depict a caregiver not only doing her job but going above and beyond to create a loving environment for the children.

Netizens praised her for her dedication and some wished they had such good nannies to take care of their children while they were at work.

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