Kenyan girl crowned Swedish Idol winner

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In the 19th series of the Swedish Idol, 18-year-old Cimberly Wanyonyi secured a remarkable victory.

Cimberly’s roots trace back to both Kenya and Finland.

She nearly missed her audition due to a broken-down car.

Cimberley Wanyonyi on stage
However, her undeniable talent eventually caught the attention of someone who ensured she got the chance to perform before the judges. Photo: Cimwa/ Instagram.

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Recalling the near-missed opportunity, Cimberly shared,

“My mom was supposed to drive me to Luleå, but the car broke down.

I was so sad because I had put my heart and soul into getting this opportunity, and to miss out was tough.”

Born to a Kenyan father and Finnish mother, Cimberly expressed her gratitude on Instagram.

Acknowledging the crucial role played by fans and supporters in her musical journey.

In a heartfelt message, she said, “Thank you! To all the nice messages, everyone who voted and all of you who supported.

Not just my family and friends and my town, but people who don’t even know me have seen how much this means to me.

Thank you for letting me be myself, and that you have liked me for who I am, there is no nicer response to get than that.

“You have been there during some of the happiest and heaviest weeks of my life.” Photo: cimwa/Instagram.

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Cimberly’s path to victory was marked by a captivating performance.

Grateful for the journey, she extended her thanks to everyone she encountered, from the jury to fellow participants, acknowledging them as a newfound family.

Her triumph over more than 100 other contestants adds another significant chapter to the enduring legacy of the Swedish Idol.

A competition that has maintained its popularity since its inception in August 2004.

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