Italy: Most handsome man joins priesthood to live for God

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Edoardo Santini, the Italian model once crowned the most handsome man in Italy.

He made a life-altering decision to trade the glamour of modelling for the solemnity of the priesthood.

At just 21 years old, Edoardo, the charismatic model and actor, felt a calling that led him away from the spotlight and onto a path of spiritual discovery. Photo: Edoardo Santini/Instagram.

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According to Edoardo, encountering new people played a pivotal role in shaping his journey toward Christianity.

The profound insights he gained along this path answered some longstanding questions he had been carrying.

Despite his decision to devote himself to a higher calling, Edoardo emphasizes that he won’t completely abandon his passions.

“I’ve decided to give up modelling work, acting, and dance, but I won’t abandon all my passions.

I’ll just live them differently, offering them up to God,” stated the Castel Fiorentino native.

Reflecting on his life choices, he drew parallels with his parents, highlighting the transformative decisions they made at the age of 21.Photo: Edoardo Santini/Instagram.

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“At 21 years old, my father decided to marry my mother because she was pregnant, and my mum, at 21, became a mother.

At 21 years old, I find myself taking the path to become, God willing, a priest,” shared Edoardo.

His journey into priesthood unfolded gradually, with significant support from individuals who demonstrated the essence of being a part of the ‘church.’

Edoardo disclosed that he had carried a lingering question since childhood, which, due to various fears, he had avoided exploring deeply.

Taking a bold step

He lived with two priests—an experience he deemed the best of his life.

This eventually led him to the preparatory course preceding life in the seminary.

Despite finding solace in his newfound calling, Edoardo acknowledged the mixed reactions from people in his life.

While some view him as a disappointment, others, both believers and non-believers, offer their unwavering support.

In the face of criticism, the resilient star remains committed to his chosen path, studying theology, and serving two parishes in the Florentine diocese.

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