Kenyan TikToker Nyako appeals for help to pay rent

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Kenyan TikToker and Content creator Roseline Ngolo, popularly known as Nyako is pleading with her fans to help her raise rent money.

The Germany-based content creator posted a video on her TikTok page saying her rent is due tomorrow 12 December 2023 and she is having problems accessing her bank accounts.

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Nyako had earlier expressed her frustrations after her bank account was frozen by authorities due to feuds with TikTok haters, she claims.

Roseline Ngolo . PHOTO: Instagram
Roseline Ngolo a.k.a Nyako PHOTO: Instagram

“I had some money from TikTok on my PayPal account and I wanted to transfer the money so I can pay my rent tomorrow, kuingia kwa paypal iko minus. Pesa zangu za TikTok zimeenda.” Nyako said in the video.

Nyako revealed in the video that she depends on TikTok to pay her bills since it is her only source of income.

“Since I’m not getting any help from anybody, I have to depend on TikTok.” She said.

Nyako with her son. PHOTO: Instagram
Nyako with her son. PHOTO: Instagram

She earns money in TikTok by going live and receiving gifts from her viewers.

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She has been able to raise today more than Ksh 40,000 on TikTok after her appeal for help.

“Asanteni sana, barikiweni.” Nyako thanked her fans on a TikTok live.

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