Woman throws 8-month-old baby into Indian Ocean

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Divers swang into action to save an 8-month-old baby from drowning when the mother allegedly threw it into the Indian Ocean on board the Likoni ferry.

An undated viral video posted on social media depicts how intense the moment was with Kenya Redcross hailing the rescuers for their heroism.

Since this involved a helpless infant who would have died in other circumstances this angered Kenyans many to question the psychological state of the mother over the alleged malice.

infanticide, as defined in the Penal Code according to Kenyan laws, refers to the act of a mother causing the death of her baby below 12 months. In such cases, some women have faced severe consequences, including public lynching.

Section 210 of the Penal Code treats infanticide as manslaughter, and according to section 202, anyone causing the death of another person through an unlawful act or omission is guilty of this felony.

The punishment for infanticide aligns with that of manslaughter, carrying a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

However, some women get lucky and get shorter terms after courts associate the crime with Post-Partum Depression (PPD).

PPD is a mood or mental disorder that can affect some people after childbirth. It involves feelings of extreme sadness, anxiety, and exhaustion.

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