Police have arrested woman who threw baby into Indian Ocean

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The mother of the eight-month-old baby who was rescued from drowning in the Indian Ocean has been arrested.

The woman who has been found out to be deaf is now under police custody at the Ferry Police station.

Police have reveled that the baby is doing fairly well after the red cross administered first Aid to the infant.

“[She] was rushed for first aid at the Red Cross Centre, treated and discharged in fair condition and her mother taken to the police station for interrogation,” reads a report filed at the Ferry Police Station.

Earlier on divers swung into action to save an 8-month-old baby from drowning when the mother allegedly threw it into the Indian Ocean on board the Likoni ferry.

The viral video posted on social media depicts how intense the moment was with Kenya Red Cross hailing the rescuers for their heroism.

Section 210 of the Penal Code treats infanticide as manslaughter, and according to section 202, anyone causing the death of another person through an unlawful act or omission is guilty of this felony.

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