Murkomen: Drivers found crossing flooded rivers to lose licences

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Transport cabinet secretary Kipchumba Murkomen is in agreement with Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s sentiments on the El Nino related deaths indicating that most of them were self inflicted.

Speaking hours after the DP’s address ,CS Murkomen opined that any PSV drivers attempting to cross flooded rivers to have their licenses cancelled, and prosecuted.

DP Gachagua said that 37 out of a reported 87 fatalities were as a result of individuals daring nature and venturing into perilous floodwaters.

“Out of the 87 deaths that have occurred due to El Nino, 37 of them is by drowning. Not floods getting into your house, but you going to where the floods are and daring nature,” he said in Kwale County on Tuesday.

According to CS Murkomen an individual crossing dangerous water successfully will charged for attempted suicided.

Residents of north eastern Kenya attempt saving their livestock and property after floods hit the country. PHOTO: Red Cross/ Twitter

“There is no hurry, you better be late for a week or a month but we save lives, people who were swept trying to cross the waters is regrettable.”

Murkomen reveled that NGAO have been directed by the office of the president to take action on a many motorist attempting dangerous maneuvers in during floody season.

Gachagua explained that the Kenya Kwanza government in collaboration with county governments, has sent a team of officers in different parts of the country to sensitize citizens against engaging in such harmful ventures.

“I want to appeal to the people of Kenya to also be responsible, out of the 87 deaths that have occurred due to El Nino, 37 of them are by drowning, not by floods getting into their houses but by people going to where floods are,” said Gachagua.

Flooded village in Kisumu County during the ongoing El Nino rains. Photo: Kenya Red Cross

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