“Where is he?” How DJ Pierra Makena explains baby daddy’s absence to her daughter

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Renowned DJ Pierra Makena has disclosed the difficulties she faces in raising her daughter without a father figure.

Speaking in a local interview, Makena revealed she had not seen her baby daddy since birth of their daughter Ricca Pokot.

Five months into the marriage, her daughter’s father allegedly fled leaving her with a two-weeks pregnancy.

Makena claimed that raising a daughter without her father for seven years has not been simple and that the child must deal with many challenging issues.

DJ Pierra Makena with her daughter Ricca Pokot. PHOTO: Pierra Makena Official/ Instagram
DJ Pierra Makena with her daughter Ricca Pokot. PHOTO: Pierra Makena Official/ Instagram

How Makena Handles Baby Daddy Questions

Makena disclosed that when the girl asks where her father is, and in order to calm her down, she needs to make up answers.

When she asks such questions about her father, she has a distant idea about her father, but the questions she asks are ‘But have I ever seen him, where is he?’

“I always try to avoid such issues but I also try to reassure her that ‘You know your father loves you’ just to make sure it doesn’t affect her in a negative way,” she said.

However, she added that she did not keep that a secret from the child because as they get older, they will understand the nature of the world.

“I believe when she becomes an adult, he will know what the world is like, and I hope he will not come to think of it in a negative way.”

Absentee Father

DJ Pierra Makena first spoke about her baby daddy in a radio interview this year, where she divulged that she had not seen him in ages.

“Baby daddy ni nani? Nikumbushe mi nisha sahau. Nishamsahau mimi. Nishamsahau, that means he is not in the life of the child, sawa? He is not in touch with the child.”

Over the years, the entertainer has managed to provide for her child financially and emotionally as she is the only parent in the picture.

“Kama ni kupush mkokoteni I would rather do it than beg a man to love his own flesh and blood. So for me if a man chooses not to be in the life of his child, that one I absolutely do not have a problem with it.

“That is who he is and I respect that and I let him be, but I would never ever force. God forbid. that doesn’t make me hate him coz that’s who he is,” Makena added.

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