Former Churchill show comedian Mtumishi claims his mother practices witchcraft

"Let me just say the truth , if my mother died today I would not feel anything, says Mtumishi on his bitter relationship with his mother

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Gilbert Wanyonyi, popularly known as Mtumishi from the comedic duo of Muchungaji na Mtumishi has laid bare how he ended up hating his mother for her wrongdoings.

In an emotional address to a church congregation, the comedian stated that he bares hatred for his mother accusing her of bewitching him and his father.

Mchungaji and Mtumishi(Gilbert Wanyonyi0 duo [photo:Mtumishi/Facebook]

He further goes on to say that in the event his mother dies he will not attend the funeral.

“Let me just say the truth, if my mother died today I would not feel anything, stated an emotional Mtumishi.

“since 2021 to date I have not spoken to her, I have missed calls and missed calls from her,

” I went into depression and never told anyone, as you know I normally don’t talk about it.

“There was a day I almost committed suicide” he added.

During his speech, he gave some chilling revelations accusing his mother of bewitching his marriage.

“We had our wedding in 2021, my mother bothered me so much because I married a Kikuyu wife, and on the eve of the wedding, she went and did some things.

“In the evening she confronted my father after the wedding telling him that my marriage will not last, if it does maybe she is not my mother.”

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He goes on to indicate when he was a boy when his parents argued, the mother would give him Witchcraft paraphernalia to confuse his father when he got home.

Gilbert Wanyonyi aka Mtumishi attending a church service[photo:Mtumishi/facebook]

Mtumishi revealed that his mother told him that she would not know peace until the day of the day of her death.

“She has not been a straight woman, when I was young she gave me witchcraft paraphernalia to put on the doorstep for my father to step on,

“As an innocent kid, I would tell my dad but when he removes it trouble begins at home.”

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