Huddah Monroe advises young ladies not to have children before age of 35

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Kenyan socialite and business entrepreneur Huddah Monroe has advised young ladies not to have children before the age of 35.

In a statement posted on her Instagram account, Huddah advised young ladies to use contraceptives until the right time comes. 

“Go get a ten-year contraceptive. Call my gynecologist even,” the 32-year-old socialite posted on her instagram account.

Huddah Monroe. Photo: Hudah/Instagram
Huddah Monroe. Photo: Hudah/Instagram

According to her, 90 percent of women, including those in marriages, are living as single mothers.

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She encouraged girls to learn from what is happening around them and focus on uplifting their lives and be self-reliant instead of depending on men.

“Do not rush and bring a child into this messy world. People need to find themselves and God before they find your womb sis,” She said.

Huddah Monroe. Photo: Hudah/Instagram
Huddah Monroe. Photo: Hudah/Instagram

Meanwhile, some of her fans seemed not to agree with her and proceeded to criticize her for allegedly misleading the young generation.

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“Tell women to choose men wisely. That is the reason they are single mothers. 

“They chase after bad boys and expect good husbands. Otherwise this is very misleading,” Bravinyuri commented on her post.

Those opposed to her opinion commented that it is better for a person to have children at a younger age when they are strong enough to raise them.

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They went ahead to even do the math, arguing that if a woman gets her first child at thirty-five for instance, by the time her child is eighteen years of age she will be fifty-three.

“Advise them on how to get money, with money kids aren’t a problem,” one of her followers commented.

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