Janet Mbugua: I’d rather find my person and my soulmate

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Janet Mbugua shared her insight into the possible drawbacks of the soulmate concept.

“I feel like when you go the soulmate way, you set yourself up for unrealistic expectations,” she advised cautiously.

Mbugua offers a new and practical viewpoint on the pursuit of love by advising people to look for compatibility and common ground rather than an idealized soulmate.

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Mbugua’s ideas may not reflect the conventional fairytale ideal of love, but people who value friendship, common interests, and the simplicity of cohabiting with a partner can relate to them.

The former news anchor shared a love poem she had penned for her ex-boyfriend eighteen years prior on Instagram in August.

Media personality Janet Mbugua is also an author. PHOTO/COURTESY

The poem’s photo was shared by Mbugua expressing her shock at having been so emotionally immersed in her feelings eighteen years earlier.

The poem’s title, which represented their breakup and the start of their new, independent lives, was about her pain.

She mentioned that the poem was a unique work from her own library.

Another one of my own poems that I have collected. Feels like I’m exposing a very personal aspect of me on the internet,” she stated.

She said she felt like she was sharing bits and pieces of herself on the internet, but she nevertheless wished her admirers a “happy-in-their-feelings” Tuesday.

She revealed that the majority of her poems were about relationships, love, passion, and lost loves when she posted another love poem on July 31.

Janet Mbugua was previously married to Eddy Ndichu with whom she sired two children with

Janet Mbugua poses with her ex-husband Eddy Ndichu. PHOTO/COURTESY
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