Mount Kenya students on a mission to clean Nyali Beach

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Mount Kenya University’s Mombasa branch students made a commendable effort today.

They participated in a beach cleaning mission at Nyali Beach, successfully gathering an impressive 182 kilograms of plastic waste.

In a world that’s currently marking the Ocean Decade, the students are taking a proactive stance.

The key issue at hand is mitigating plastic pollution and its adverse effects on marine life. Photo: Courtesy.

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Their action sends a clear message to the global community, emphasizing the urgent need to protect our marine environment.

With determination in their hearts, they now challenge those in authority.

It’s high time for sustainable measures to be put in place to rid our beautiful shores of this undesirable plastic waste.

Their recommendations are straightforward but effective. First and foremost, they propose raising awareness among the local community and visitors about the importance of keeping the beaches clean.

Education is the first step to change.

Additionally, they suggested placing strategically located litter bins along the beach. Photo: Courtesy.

This would make it easy for beachgoers to dispose of their waste responsibly, preventing plastic from ending up in the ocean.

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Furthermore, the students put forth an intriguing idea.

They propose the idea of employing young individuals from the community to maintain the shores.

This not only provides jobs but also ensures the beaches remain pristine, discouraging plastic pollution.

The students from Mount Kenya University, Mombasa branch, have shown that taking action is as simple as rolling up your sleeves and picking up plastic waste from our shores.

Moreover, they called upon those with the power to make lasting changes and follow their lead.

It’s time to preserve the beauty of our oceans, protect marine life, and create a sustainable future for all.

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