President Ruto defends signing UHC laws despite tax burden on Kenyans

President Ruto emphasized that the new legislation would ensure healthcare access is no longer determined by one's financial capacity, but rather by their healthcare needs.

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UHC laws were signed into law a day before the 60th Mashujaa Day celebrations in Kericho County.

President William Ruto explained his decision to sign four crucial Universal Health Coverage (UHC) bills into law.

Even as they increase the tax burden on Kenyans.

UHC laws
The four bills encompass the Primary Health Care Bill, Facility Improvement Financing Bill, Digital Health Bill, and the Social Health Insurance Bill. Photo: William Samoei Ruto/Facebook.

President Ruto emphasized that the new legislation would no longer determine healthcare access by one’s financial capacity but by their healthcare needs.

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Tax burden on Kenyans

He noted that the existing system had low-income earners paying a higher percentage of their income compared to high-income earners.

He further pointed out that these new laws would encourage a shift in the healthcare system.

UHC laws
The President stressed that individuals at the lower end of the economic spectrum have the least health insurance coverage, acknowledging that it stands at only 26% in Kenya.Photo: William Samoei Ruto/Fac

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Many Kenyans struggle with out-of-pocket healthcare expenses and forgo medical care due to financial constraints.

The new Social Health Insurance Act establishes a publicly financed Primary Health Fund,

Which aligns with President Ruto’s promise of a healthcare system that covers all Kenyans.

The Facility Improvement Financing Act seeks to improve financial autonomy for health facilities, allowing them to retain funds and operate based on their priorities.

The approach is expected to enhance resource availability, efficiency, and ultimately, the quality of healthcare services.

Regarding the Digital Health Act, President Ruto highlighted its role in enhancing health service delivery through a comprehensive and integrated health information system. Photo: William Samoei Ruto/Facebook.

Digitization of healthcare services.

Ultimately benefiting the delivery of telemedicine and health management information systems.

In conclusion, President Ruto underlined his government’s mission to build a progressive, responsive, and sustainable healthcare system that ensures every Kenyan has access to quality healthcare services regardless of their background or circumstances.

These laws represent a significant step toward achieving this vision and addressing the long-standing healthcare disparities in the country.

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