Popular Afro Cinema actor Mr. Ibu stranded in hospital: Please help me

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Julius Jumah
Julius Jumah
A multimedia journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Popular Afro Cinema actor John Okafor, famously known as Mr. Ibu, finds himself in hospital and has reached out to his fans for financial support to cover his medical expenses.

In a video posted on his Instagram page on Wednesday, Mr. Ibu who pleaded for financial assistance from his hospital disclosed that he has been unwell for several weeks.

“While I am hoping for prayers and assistance, as I speak to you I am still lying down in the hospital. The medical director of this hospital said that in case his new idea does not work, the next idea is to cut off my leg,” the veteran actor pleaded.

Mr. Ibu appeals for financial help from his hospital bed. [Video/Courtesy].

Mr. Ibu’s daughter who appeared in the alongside the actor’s wife revealed that she has been covering her father’s medical expenses throughout his illness.

Stressing the family’s desire to seek further treatment abroad, she urged fans to keep them in their thoughts and to provide financial support as necessary.

She said, “I have been the one handling the bills and I am financially drained, we can’t do it alone. He’s not getting better, some days it looks like he is and other days it looks like he is getting worse.”

Popular Afro Cinema actor Mr. Ibu stranded in hospital: Please help me
A photo of Mr. Ibu acting in a Nigerian move. [Photo/Courtesy].

Nicki Bigfish appeals for financial help to save father’s life

In a similar situation a few days ago, Kenyan prankster Nicki Bigfish reached out to his fans for financial assistance to save his beloved father’s life.

Nicki revealed that his father had been diagnosed with a cancerous head tumor that needed urgent surgical attention which is way over his financial ability.

Popular Afro Cinema actor Mr. Ibu stranded in hospital: Please help me
Nicki Bigfish seeks financial aid for his father’s cancer treatment. [Photo/Courtesy].

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“My family and I are so grateful to you for standing with us during these difficult times. My dad is still in the ICU after a successful surgery which was done on Monday… Here’s the official paybill number as promised,” Nicki Bigfish shared on Instagram.

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