Police close road for 31 hours after sex doll mistaken for dead body

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Police blocked a road for two days to investigate a reported dead body dumped in the woods.

Later they discovered that it was a discarded sex doll.

Warwickshire Police expressed “great relief” when the hand and foot protruding from the undergrowth turned out to be an inflatable love aid.

The police had adhered to “proper procedure” by deploying a forensic pathologist to the woodland near Kineton and sealing off a country lane for 31 hours. Photo: File.

However, the suspected body was, in fact, a “discarded and realistic life-size doll,” a police spokesperson clarified.

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According to a local source, a rambler came across what appeared to be a woman’s hand and foot peeking out of the undergrowth, prompting a call to the police, who initially believed they had a murder case on their hands.

They called in a forensics team, deployed officers at both ends of the road, utilized forensic vans, and initiated an extensive investigation.

Police maintained a presence at the scene from Tuesday afternoon until Wednesday night. Photo: File.

The revelation came when they finally extracted the ‘corpse’ and realized their blunder.

It turned out to be a soiled, damaged, and well-worn sex doll.

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The spokesperson for Warwickshire Police expressed gratitude to the person who reported the discovery.

Call made in good faith

They also extended their thanks to the local community for their patience during the investigation.

The incident serves as a humorous example of how appearances can be deceiving.

How even the most meticulous procedures can lead to surprising outcomes.

It underscores the importance of thorough investigation and the need for law enforcement to respond to reports in good faith, even when the situation turns out to be rather unconventional.

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