Nairobi lady who ‘abducted’ Kanjo Askari dropped him in Kitengela

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The viral video making rounds on social media showing a Nairobi City council officer (Kanjo) pleading to be forgiven after entering a lady’s car, has left many wondering where the two ended up.

“Lets go baby” are the words now synonymous with the video, as a frustrated Gloria Ntazola uttered “Tunaeda na wewe kwangu”(we are going with you to my place) throughout the Video.

On many occasions in the Video she is also heard asking the Kanjo askari of his intention with that action.


“Why have you got into my car? Why are you people like that? Was that an offence to make you get into my car? I’m going with you to my destination because why would you get into my car? Are you a traffic police?” she asked.

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Gloria has now revealed that she dropped the officer at Kitengela, She used the Nairobi expressway on their “road trip” , a decision she made so as to avoid traffic which could give the Kanjo askari an opportunity to run off.

“So you wanted to waste my time , let’s waste time together , lets go baby”she says in the viral video.

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Gloria has revealed that the County Traffic marshall have always been harassing her,at the parking area next to jevanjee gardens.

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