Quinter Adhiambo: Eric Omondi raises 600K for smokie vendor harassed by kanjo

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Eric Omondi, a popular comedian, took on a heartwarming mission to support Quinter Adhiambo, a smokie mayai (egg and sausage) vendor who fell victim to the heavy hand of heartless city council askaris.

These officers, during their crackdown on street food hawkers in Nairobi, left behind a trail of destruction, including vandalized trolleys and scattered food items.

Quinter’s plight moved Eric, and he decided to rally his social media followers for a good cause.

In a matter of three short hours, an astounding Ksh 600,000 was raised for her and her family.

An elated Eric shared this incredible success on his social media platforms and encouraged people to continue contributing, highlighting that “what the devil intended to shatter, God used to elevate.” He urged further donations to Quinter at 0702776359.

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The disturbing images from the crackdown painted a bleak picture, with smokie-mayai vendor trolleys strewn on the streets, owners counting their losses, impounded trollies piled up, and eggs and smokies scattered on the pavement alongside broken glass—a result of the confrontation between law enforcers and the hawkers.

This scene drew considerable condemnation from the public, with many attributing the mess to the local government.

However, in response to the outrage, Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja expressed his deep regret over the unfortunate events in the city center.

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The happenings in the CBD earlier today were most unfortunate. This is not the way to treat Nairobians as we have continually implored our officers to treat Nairobians with Dignity. We have had cordial relations with informal traders for a year but lately, there have been unfortunate incidences that seek to sabotage that.”

Adding, “We will take disciplinary action. I have ordered the immediate release of all confiscated items, apologized to the traders, and personally compensated each of them to the tune of 10,000 shillings each.

Even if the traders were operating without the required documentation, including a Medical Certificate from Public Health that every food handler must-have for the safety of Nairobians, they did not deserve such treatment and we are dealing with this internally. Poleni sana.”

Quinter Adhiambo, a smokie and egg vendor who was harrassed by city council askaris. They descendd on the vendors and impounded their trolleys
Quinter Adhiambo, a smokie and egg vendor who was harrassed by city council askaris. They descendd on the vendors and impounded their trolleys

It’s a clear indication of the commitment to righting the wrongs and providing relief to those who were affected by the crackdown.

Eric’s swift response and the outpouring of support for Quinter highlight the power of unity in the face of adversity, reminding us all that even in challenging times, kindness can shine through.

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