Lady who locked Kanjo askari in her car opens new Tiktok account after ban

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The brave kenyan lady who trapped a city council askari popularly known as Kanjo in her car has been banned from tiktok for posting the video.

She has since then opened a new account , however the video keeps being pulled down everytime she reposts , it.

The lady who has been identified as Ntazola Gloria claims that the video was removed by the Nairobi city council.

In videos which have been shared widely across all social media platforms, Ntazola Gloria is heard engaging in a heated, expletive-laden exchange with the ‘Kanjo’ who she claims forced himself into her car for allegedly violating parking rules.

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The county askari forced himself in the ladys cars over a parking offence .

She locked the car doors and drove off taking the guy on Nairobi’s expressway giving him no chance of getting out of the car.

In the video that has exploded on the internet the lady is heard saying that she is taking the city council officer on a road trip and she is taking him home to her place, because he insisted on getting in her car.

After video went viral and took a life of its own, tiktok pulled it down and banned he account.

The mentioned vedio has elicited mixed reactions among netizens.

Many agreeing with what Gloria did other feeling she would have sued the county government.

On many occasions in the Video she is also heard asking the man of his intention with that action.

“Why have you got into my car? Why are you people like that? Was that an offence to make you get into my car? I’m going with you to my destination because why would you get into my car? Are you a traffic police?” she asked.

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