TikTok chef praised for preparing Hubby’s meal for 29 Hours

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TikTok sensation Sueh Owino has taken the internet by storm with her latest jaw-dropping culinary masterpiece.

The cooking dynamo, known for her meal-prepping chronicles for her husband, has outdone herself this time.

Sueh Owino had made a name for herself

Investing a whopping 29 hours to create a mouthwatering spectacle.

In her latest viral video, Sueh kicks things off with a bang, saying,

“Remember when my hubby challenged me to whip up something organic? Well, brace yourselves!”

Dedicated wife

With surgical precision, she carves and seasons a goat leg, letting it marinate for a full 24 hours.

But that’s just the beginning. Sueh ventures into her garden and, with sheer determination, constructs a makeshift fireplace from scratch—wood, bricks, spade, ashes, the whole nine yards.

Next up, Sueh takes the marinated goat leg, encases it in banana leaf wraps and foil paper, then submerges it into the smoldering fireplace.

She tops it off with more foil paper and a layer of soil. Five hours later, she reveals the pièce de résistance, deftly removing the tender meat from the bone and serving it to her eagerly awaiting family.

Sueh’s arduous cooking method, known as pit barbecue, has been a culinary tradition for millennia among indigenous communities worldwide. Earth ovens are still a hit in the Middle East.

Sueh’s culinary expertise and her incredible patience in laboring over goat meat for nearly 30 hours have captured hearts and ignited the internet, earning her a legion of new fans.

Her video has already amassed a staggering 400k+ views and even made its way to X (formerly Twitter), where people are showering her with praise.

One enthusiastic X user, @Cypriannyakundi, couldn’t contain his excitement, exclaiming, “Shoutout to Sueh Owino on TikTok!

Now, this is real content creation!” His tweet garnered thousands of likes and reached almost 600k+ people.

Sueh herself responded with gratitude, saying, “Thank you for giving me some spotlight here!”

Another X user, @rameshsexena, delivered a witty quip: “Sueh Owino went to the garden, dug a hole, collected wood, and made fire just to cook her husband an organic meal. Then there’s Achieng’ from Kochia who cannot even boil water to make son of man morning tea. This earth!”

Sueh’s latest video has sparked a frenzy, with scores of fans urging top kitchen brands to partner with her or make her a brand ambassador.

Back in May, Akothee’s sister, Cebbie Koks, applauded Sueh for her dedication for cooking for her man, admitting,

“I tried, but after day two of preparing my husband’s meals morning, noon, and night, I surrendered! Content creation is no joke!”

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