Nonini: I apologise for supporting Ruto’s gov’t

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Kenyan Gengetone artist Nonini (real name Hubert Mbuku Nakitare) is now sympathizing with Kenyans over the unbearable cost of living.

Nonini further regretted supporting President William Ruto’s administration.

“Looking back at how our country is going a year down the line with this government. I want to share my APOLOGY loudly to KENYANs for supporting this government and some leaders you know I did,” he wrote on Monday evening.

Nonini questioned by Kenyans

The artist, who currently resides in the United States, acknowledged that his sentiments would attract hate but he was ready for the consequences.

“It takes a strong person to admit they were wrong and niko ready for any matusi hapo kwa comments but at least Niko bold enough Ku admit mambo Kenya sio poa and some of our leaders have failed us Terribly.

Poleni Sana WaKenya wenzangu,” Nonini added.

Nonini is among the pioneers of Genge music in Kenya. PHOTO/FILE

Kenyans expressed mixed reactions towards his statement.

One tweep identified as Kelvin Nziu opined that corruption and tribalism was the cause of ‘failure’ in the current gov’t.

“Some positions (KRA)were advertised a while ago,Buda 80% ya hao recruits walikua from 2 communities. Hawa wasee wanachoma na wako na kiburi,” Nziu added.

“You betrayed Kenya”

Another, DJ Nick, told Nonini his apology had not effect.

“…even if you didn’t support them they would still win ,kitu ni could they at least try to make things better by reducing the taxes and investing on production n agriculture.”

A curious social media fan questioned why Nonini supported Ruto instead of Azimio during the 2022 general elections.

“I detested the arrogance displayed by the other side but now the current became the same,” the gengetone artist replied.

Others accused Nonini of betraying the country by flying away when things got bad.

In his defense, the father of one said, “I started visiting different Nations even before elections.”

Nonini places bet on Ruto

Last year, Nonini got into a bet with three of his friends days to the August 2022 presidential polls.

Luckily, he bagged KSh179,000 for placing his stakes on President Ruto.

Kuna ma arif wangu mabazuu watatu wali bet na mimi about the fifth president.

Ningeshindwa I would have paid them 1,500 dollars. Bet ilikuwa mimi solo against three persons ya 500 dollars,” the artist wrote on social media.

Ruto awarded certificate by IEBC Chair Wafula Chebukati after emerging winner in presidential polls. PHOTO/FILE

He went on to congratulate Ruto after beating his viral Raila Odinga although by a small margin of 200,000 votes.

Let it be known that a son of nobody (it’s disrespectful to say nobody) a son of somebody who is not from the families became the fifth president of the republic of Kenya,” Nonini stated.

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